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In this room the most significant amphorae are exposed on two opposite steps at different levels in order to make their chronological sequence more understandable.
At the beginning you can see amphorae from the Hellenistic age, then the first commercial Roman amphorae, the Italic Greek, until you get to the most important wine amphorae of the late Republican age, the Dressel 1 and the Lamboglia 2, and of the first imperial age, the Dressel 6A and the Dressel 2/4.
On the opposite step, the sequence begins with amphorae produced in the middle and late imperial period out of Italic area, like the Dressel 30 from Mauritania, the Tripolitana I from the homonymous province, and the African II, produced as the Keay XXV in the Roman Africa.
In the center of the hall, an amphora shows us the parts it is composed of, while panels on the walls illustrate types, characteristics, functions, secondary uses of amphorae…. the typical containers, symbol of commercial transport of the Roman