Rooms:    Selected room: The Piceno region
· Museo delle Anfore · San Benedetto del Tronto · ©2008 ·  

This room is partly reserved to the exposition of trade exchange in the ancient Piceno area. A panel illustrates the situation in the Adriatic Sea in the first millennium BC (commercial exchanges, merchant routes, the phenomenon of piracy and so on…).
The Roman Age is documented not only by the presence of our local amphorae, but also by information about the marketing of foodstuffs  and also by archaeological evidence relating to ports and landing places in the southern Piceno, with particular reference to the fortifications that stood along the coast, from Porto San Giorgio (Castellum Firmanorum) Cupra Marittima down to the mouth of the river Tronto (Castrum Truentinum).

Underwater Archaeology
We could not forget to dedicate a room to Underwater Archaeologyas a tool of scientific research, excavation and conservation of undersea findings.
A large surface is also dedicated to underwater finds recovered along the coast of Marche, and richly documented on two panels where you can follow the fascinating report of the most striking discoveries occurred in the Middle Adriatic, from the discovery of a bronze statue of athlete attributed to the Greek sculptor Lisippo, up to the Ottoman galleon wrecked in the early nineteenth century in the waters offing  Pesaro.